Access to Digital Technologies

Acceptable Use Agreement

This is a reminder that in order to be granted access to the Digital Technologies provided by the College, all students at the College, including students using BYOD, need to complete an Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA).  The AUA formally sets out the rules of use of software, networks, printers, and the internet at Greensborough College.  This agreement is to be read by both students and parents/guardians, and agreed to no later than 31st January 2018.  It can be accessed and agreed to online using this link:


BYOD Checks and Network Connection (for non JB Hi-Fi Portal devices)

The ICT Service Desk will be open from Tuesday, 23rd through to Thursday, 25th January.  Any students who have purchased their own Netbook (Bring Your Own Device), but not through the JB Hi-Fi portal, and would like to get it approved and set up on the College Network can bring it in anytime between 10am and 4pm (excluding 12-12:30pm).

Please bring the device to be checked and connected, as well as the "Option Two: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Options and Agreement" form, from page 3 of the Access to Digital Technologies document, to the ICT Service Desk, which is located in the College Library at the end of B-wing.  Please see the office staff for directions.

You may need to allow up to 15 minutes per device check and connection, plus time to login to the machine.  Please ensure the device has been logged into with the College supplied username and password before leaving the College premises to ensure it functions correctly when you get home.

BYOD Purchased Through JB Hi-Fi Portal

Unfortunately, JB Hi-Fi has advised of a stock delay, therefore devices that were purchased through this portal may not be ready for collection prior to the beginning of term.  The College technicians will endeavour to prepare the devices as quickly as possible when they do arrive and will contact families via the email left when they placed the order as to when it is ready for collection.


Students Without a Netbook at the Beginning of Term

Students can rest assured that teachers will be understanding that not all students will have a Netbook from day one of Term One and teachers often plan any activities using digital resources with this in mind. 


Borrowing Netbooks from ICT Service Desk

The College Netbook Borrowing system will not be available during the first week back.  Please note that from the 30th January until the 2nd February no students will be able to borrow a device.  The system will be available again from Monday 5th February.  Students are reminded that they will need their student ID card in order to borrow a device.  Please remember these devices must be returned by the end of the school day in order to be allowed to continue using these Netbooks.


Ms Stella Ramos

DigiTech Resources Coordinator