Every year the Greensborough College Athletics day is held at Willinda Park, Greensborough.

All year levels compete in a range of track and field events and are encouraged to dress in their House colours; Cooper Devils (Red), Willinda Crocodiles (Green),
Kalparrin Sharks (Blue) and the Plenty Panthers (purple).

banyule youth video from greensborough college on Vimeo.

A select group of creative Greensborough College Students were invited to take part in the creation of a mural at Diamond Valley Shopping Centre. The project was organised by Banyule Youth and encourages young people to positively combat graffiti by collaborating and making beautiful graffiti that is created in consultation with the community.

Heron Island Trip from greensborough college on Vimeo.

in 2013, Greensborough College students were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to explore one of the jewels of the Great Barrier reef, Heron Island.

First Positions from greensborough college on Vimeo.


Each year, Greensborough College holds its Swimming Sports Day at Northcote Pool. Students compete in a wide array of events to earn points for their house teams.
All students are encouraged to compete as points are earned just by participating. In addition to swimming, there is a Volleyball tournament, Fashion Parade and Water Polo competition.
The day is designed to cater to all skill levels and is enjoyed by staff and students alike.